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Paldo) King Lid
GS25 GS25

Paldo) King Lid

$ 1.25
Term of Validity Term of Validity 92 days from date of purchase
Total $ 1.25


[User Guide and Notices]

※ In the case of coupons with monetary value, it is possible to divide and use the balance, and the balance cannot be refunded.

- This coupon can be used with the exception of some special stores among GS25 stores nationwide.
(Stores where coupon can not be used: Specialty stores such as Military Corps PX Stores and highway rest areas, etc.)
- Membership discounts and other payment methods (cash / credit card) are possible.
- Restrictions on purchase: Tobacco / service / consignment products (gift certificate, lottery ticket, traffic card charging, courier service), etc.
- After the expiration date, exchange and/or extension are not possible. Please exchange them within the expiration date.

[Store POS Payment Method]
■ Integrated payment > gift certificate > coupon barcode scan

Refunds and Cancelations

유효기간이 지난 것에 대해서는 해당 상품권 발급처인 플러스콘 고객센터에 연락바랍니다.
환불 및 재발행 등의 도움을 받으실 수 있습니다. 연락하실 때에 상품권의 바코드 번호를 미리 준비해주세요.

전화번호 : 1661-4052


contact email E-mail: support@dpon.gift
contact time Operating hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00



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The center of everyday life, the beginning of the day! Lifestyle Platform GS25 is a Korean convenience store which was established in the 1990s, and continues to receive the highest evaluation and satisfaction in measures such as product quality, product exchangeability, convenient service, and reliability. As a convenience store where you can stop by, you can find a variety of products such as lunch boxes, rice balls, sweets, cup noodles, and drinks. Open 24 hours.


Paldo) King Lid

$ 1.25

Total $ 1.25

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