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Privacy Policy

Dcenty Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) strives to protect and protect the personal information of web service (hereinafter referred to as “service”) “dpon” users.
We comply with personal information protection regulations in related laws and regulations that information and telecommunications service providers in Korea must comply with, and personal information protection guidelines established by the Korea Information and Communication Ministry.
  We announce what personal information provided by users is used for what purpose and what measures have been taken to protect personal information.

1. Consent to collection of personal information
By checking the box for agreeing to the terms of service for personal information entered through the member registration page, it is deemed that you have agreed to the collection of personal information.

2. Items of personal information to be collected and purpose of use
We collect nicknames, e-mails, and passwords when you join, and the information will be transmitted and used at your email address when identifying individuals and using the service. Other information can be input after the member registration is completed by the user's selection. The information entered by the user's choice is the date of birth and gender, and the information may be used to provide individual services according to gender and age. At the time of product purchase and reservation, the user's country, user's real name, telephone number, etc. may be collected, and in principle the information will be destroyed after use.

3. Purpose of collecting or using personal information
"Personal information" means information that identifies the individual, such as name, address, and contact information.
We do not disclose the user's personal information without the user's prior consent, and the collected information is used as follows.
1) When developing new services or expanding contents, the Company determines the priority of services based on the personal information provided by existing users to the company, and rationally selects and provides the contents required by users.
2) The purpose of collecting information is as follows.
Special information such as name, e-mail address, password, personal identification e-mail address, phone number, communication of address notice items, confirmation of personal intention, secure smooth communication path, new services, etc. Resources to secure contact information, other choices, and services tailored to individual needs.

4. Retention and use period of personal information collected by the Company
The company retains your personal information while you use our services for our members.
However, if a member requests to unsubscribe so that it can be unsubscribed or modified, it will be completely deleted and processed in a state where it cannot be viewed or used. In addition, personal information entered as a temporary purpose (questionnaire survey, event, etc.) will be processed in the same way after the purpose has been achieved, so that it cannot be reproduced later.
However, in the following cases, member information will be stored. And if it is deemed necessary according to the provisions of related laws and regulations, the company will keep the member information for a certain period.
* Record 5 years for contract or withdrawal / 3 years for user complaint or dispute settlement.

5. Sharing or providing personal information collected by the Company
We will use the personal information of the user within the range announced in "3. Purpose of collection or use of personal information", use it beyond the range without the prior consent of the user, or disclose it to the outside I do not. However, the following cases are exceptions.
1) When the user has agreed to the disclosure in advance
2) If necessary for payment
3) When there is sufficient grounds that it is necessary to disclose personal information that harms another person and takes legal action against him
4) When requesting disclosure from a duly authorized state agency (ex .: When requested by a government / investigation agency, etc.)
5) When providing to an advertiser, cooperating business, research organization, etc. in a state where it is possible to identify an individual for statistical creation, academic research or market research
6) When we disclose within the necessary range to the subcontractor for the service requested by the member
We can also share your personal information to develop new technologies and provide better services.
In this case as well, publicize and consent to the user who is the organization or organization that shares personal information, what information is needed and why, and how long it will be protected and managed. We will not collect or share information without the consent of the user following the required procedure.

6. User's own administrative measures
Users can check, correct, or cancel their registered personal information at any time. The Company will process personal information that has been withdrawn or deleted at the request of the user as specified in "4. Retention and Use Period of Personal Information Collected by the Company" so that it cannot be viewed or used for any other purpose.

7. Technical measures for safety
Your personal information is thoroughly protected by a password.
The user must not give the code to the person, because only the person who knows the PIN can confirm or change the personal information.
In particular, if you share your PC with others or use it in a public place (company, school, library, Internet cafe, etc.), it is recommended that you log out and close your web browser after using it.
We take measures to prevent personal information of members from being lost or damaged by hacking or viruses on the Internet.
The materials are backed up at any time and the latest programs are used to prevent leaks and damages of the user's personal information and materials, and secure transmission over the network through encryption algorithms.
We control unauthorized access on the web by using an intrusion blocking system, and we are working to ensure system stability.
The handling of our personal information is restricted to the person in charge, and through the training of the person in charge, we always emphasize the adherence to our privacy policy and correct any problems as soon as they are found, so that we can resolve them immediately.

8. About cookies
Our service can send the information "Cookie" to the computer when using the site, and the information is stored on the user's HD (hard disk) or memory.
Cookies are used to provide better services to users, and do not infringe on their individual or usage environment.
Users can change the settings and stop the cookie function. Note that some services may not be available in this case.

9. Matters related to solicitation of personal information-related opinions and complaints
When using our service, the company seeks user opinions when using the site. The user can report dissatisfaction to the personal information manager in the lower section, and we will respond promptly.

10. Contact information for the personal information manager
Dcenty Inc.
Personal information manager Yongdae Kim