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Golden Olive Combo  (Golden Olive + Hot Source) + Cola 1.25L

Golden Olive Combo (Golden Olive + Hot Source) + Cola 1.25L

$ 26.70
Term of Validity Term of Validity 365 days from date of purchase
Total $ 26.70


[Usage Information]
- This coupon is not available to use in Jeju.
- The price of this e-coupon includes sales tax.
- Exchanges can be used within the indicated expiration date.
- You can only exchange or order from a store that accepts phone orders, deliveries, or take-out. (You cannot eat in the store when using this coupon)
- You cannot cancel your order after using the coupon.

[Phone ordering method]
- Make a payment using a coupon (12-digit number of smart phone coupon) by calling the number (1588-9282)
- Please note that there are some stores where coupons cannot be used.

[Online Order Method]
- BBQ homepage > Click online order > Register delivery address and select delivery address > Click e-coupon order > Add coupon number after payment > Add payment > Complete
* If this isn't possible, order by phone at 1588-9282

[How to order at the store]
- Pay with your coupon number by visiting or calling the store

[Notes on Exchange]
- The product can be used for (1588-9282) phone orders, online orders, and store orders.
- Drinks may vary by brand and type per branch.
- Exchanging to another product is only available for products specified in the coupon.
- Points cannot be earned when this coupon is being exchanged.
- This coupon cannot be exchanged or refunded to cash. Cancellation of purchase is not possible after issuance.
- Additional discounts and discount cards cannot be applied when using coupons.
- Coupons cannot be used with other coupons such as Happy Coupons, discount coupons, service coupons, etc.
- Coupons are available to use from 12:00 to 23:00 and may vary depending on the store.
- Store inquiries can be made on the 1588-9282 telephone line or found on the BBQ homepage.
- BBQ chicken is a product that is immediately cooked at the store after ordering, so in rare occasions, the product may be sold out.
- Discount coupons (ex: Happy Coupons) and other redemption benefits are not applicable when ordering mobile coupons.
- Happy Coupons in the chicken box may not be attached when using mobile coupons.
- The product may be restricted for use in non-deliverable areas.

[Store information]
- BBQ stores are available (unavailable in Jeju and some stores may have limitations in using this coupon)
* However, specialty stores such as BBQ Chicken & Beer, BBQ One and a Half Chicken, highway rest areas, military bases, basball fields, airports, resorts, etc. are not allowed.

[Origin of ingredients]
-Chicken: Korea

Refunds and Cancelations

If you wish to cancel or refund an unused gift coupon, please contact the customer center within the validity period.


contact email E-mail: support@dpon.gift
contact time Operating hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00



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The Korean chicken chain BBQ has about 1,500 stores and has started in 1995. In order to make the best chicken flavor and cook chicken in a healthy way, BBQ uses 100% extra virgin olive oil, which is the highest grade among olive oil and called 'God's Gift' for frying oil.

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Golden Olive Combo (Golden Olive + Hot Source) + Cola 1.25L

$ 26.70

Total $ 26.70

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