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30,000 KRW Gift Card
Yoogane Yoogane

30,000 KRW Gift Card

$ 26.25
Term of Validity Term of Validity 366 days from date of purchase
Total $ 26.25


[Brand Introduction]
Delicious imagination - Yoogane

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contact email E-mail: support@dpon.gift
contact time Operating hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00



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Korean chicken galbi chain store founded in 1981. Grilled chicken and vegetables are cooked with a special Yugane's gochujang based sauce, based on long research and know-how. It is popular not only among young people but also by a wide range of age groups, and it is popular as a global brand as well as nationwide as chicken galbi that everyone in the family can enjoy.


30,000 KRW Gift Card

$ 26.25

Total $ 26.25

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